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What is TNS Japan?


Thank you very much for visiting our website.

Since our business establishment, we TNS have been growing by developing and expanding our businesses, based on makeshift scaffolding business, which is our principal in Japan, construction vehicle and vehicle rental/leasing business.


Our management philosophy slogans are “Innovation” and “Challenge”, with our stakeholders targeting at “Pursuit of “Dreams” and “Realizing Happiness”, which makes us try our best to proceed further and further.


In this globalization trend in the world, we have accepted people of vision from the world.

We TNS, always or first and foremost, adjust ourselves to the rapidly changing and diversifying society. Along with such a trend in the society, we funded a union-named Wonder Partners Cooperative- to accept workers from other countries for our business partners and Wonder Partners Cooperative is functioning so well among us.


We are a professional group that meets your requirements.

In addition to our activity in Japan, associated with the foreign workers,  by taking advantage of our human resources and our know-how, which we have gained via our experiences of our vehicle trading business in Japan-over 200 unit of annual sales of construction vehicle- as well as an acheivement of our makeshift scaffolding business in a South Eastern country in 2016, we have decided to expand our construction vehicle business to the global market outside Japan in response to the growing needs from overseas.


Selected Company


Originally, used cars in Japan have been highly well-accepted by all over the world due to those high quality but reasonable prices. The used car trading businesses are rapidly growing along with the growing economies all over the world.


Together with you, we TNS would like to grow by leaps and bounds to enhance our presence in the global field. It is our corporate philosophy that means “creating your great future via innovation and challenges”. We TNS always keep willingness to take on new challenges with our pride in our human resources from the world, our network of businesses, experiences and achievements.


We TNS are always looking forward to your contacts and doing business with you.


Thank you very much.

                  TNS Co.,Ltd  Managing Director&CEO

                                                           Nozaki Tatsuya


Company Name TNS Co.,Ltd.
Location 3-69-1, Sunarinishi, Kaniecho, Amagun, Aichi 142-0041 JAPAN
Bank Mizuho bank,ltd.
Business Used Car Export
President Nozaki Tatsuya
TEL +81-3-6421-5852


Company Name TNS Co., Ltd. Tokyo branch
Location Tokyutogoshi Bld.3F 1-7-1 Togoshi,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo 142-0041 JAPAN
Bank Resona Bank, Ltd.
Business Used Car Export
President Nozaki Tatsuya
TEL +81-3-6421-5852


Account No: 2785594
Bank: Resona Bank, Ltd.
Branch Name: Nagoya Branch
Swift Code: DIWAJPJT
Branch Address: 2-15-22 Nishiki Nakaku Nagoya
Aichi Japan
Account Name: TNS CO., LTD.
Phone: +81-567-96-7331
FAX: +81-567-96-7332

Russia   +81-80-2605-2015 

Other  +81-80-2605-2016