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Q. What kind of cars do you carry?

A. From passenger cars to construction vehicles, based on your requests, we carry a variety types of cars.

Q. How do you acquire cars, which you are requested for?

By listening to your requests, based on them, we acquire cars from auction sites in Japan and other dealers. Via our dealer network which is composed of dealers with whom we have established trust since our business establishment, we acquire cars with high quality along with what you want.

Q. How do you do quality control?

A. It depends on where the car is acquired. In case of a car from our dealer network, the unit is originally inspected by them. Before we acquire it for you, we make sure about it with them. If it is from an auction site, our experienced staff tender a bit for it after checking its auction sheet. We set a certain level in quality. If you are concerned about the unit you want, ask us for an status sheet.

Q. What kind of customers do you deal with?

A. In the market of Japan, construction companies and those owners for construction vehicles and individual customers for passenger vehicles are our main customers. In the global market, the customers are very similar to those of Japan. We do our best so that you will be our important customer.

Q. Can I pay in any currency?

A. You can fundamentally only pay in US dollars or Japanese Yen.

Q. Can I use a credit card?

A.Unfortunately, we don’t accept any credit card. Please use a wire transfer to our bank account.

Q. Who will pay the remittance fee?

A.Remittance fees are born by the buyer. Please check the remittance fees with your bank. After confirming the TT copy, we start the shipping process.

Q. Will I refund my deposit?

A. Yes. We will refund you for any reason before you buy.

Q. How can I check the status of my car?

A. Please ask us for auction sheets. Normally, these are available.

Q. How much does it cost to own a car?

A. Manufacturer. Model type. Year type..ect…In our website, you can set specs and will see its price. This is an FOB price. Plus, we offer you its freight, as well. Freight is subject to change, depending on its destination, shipping schedules, along with the transportation seasonal trends and currency rates.

Q. Do you export to any country in the world?

A. Yes. It ships in any country wherever the ship goes. If the final destination is away from a port, the land route should be used.

Q. How long does it take to ship?

A. It depends on the destination. From Japan to Russia-Vladivostok-, it takes about three days after the ship leaves the port in Japan. The ship leaves after all the necessary processes are finished, starting from confirming the TT copy to deletion registration.